Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photoshoot Part 1 + Fried Potato Recipe

So here is Part 1, as promised:)

I had suddenly thought it would be fun to do a photoshoot of Tara . . . so we did one.  I quickly did her hair (it didn't look too grand), but it turned out anyways:)  It was a beautiful night!

I had Tara change outfits part way through; I thought it would be funner that way!

(Click the collage/photo to make it larger.)

I love, love, love the photo in the collage below on the bottom left!

The first outfit . . . I like these photos best, I think (although I like most all of them).

The second outfit . . .

Pics in Dad's old Ford!

Through the window . . .

Yes, Fords are the best!

Thinkin' . . .

Hope you enjoyed all the photos!  I'll post more in Part 2 {and maybe some photos of some flowers . . .}

Also, I made some fried potatoes and everyone loved them ~ thought I'd give you all the recipe:)

1. Start by pouring oil in frying pan and and turn it on to about medium heat.

2.  Peel the desired amount of potatoes and wash 'em up.

3.  Chop the potatoes up to desired thinness.  I do them pretty thin, although some are thicker than others.

4.Once the oil is heated, put the potato slices in the pan.  (This pic actually shows the potatos after the next step.)

5. Then sprinkle the spices on the potatoes ~ I used salt, pepper, garlic salt, and onion powder.

6. Flip the potatoes every once in a while and continue doing so until the potatoes are the desired crispness.

7.  Enjoy the fried potates.  When I made them, and everybody else was eating them, they were gone before I was able to take a pic, but I made some just for me and I got a pic.

Hope you all enjoy them if you make them ~ I think they would be good dipped in ranch, although we didn't have any when I made them so I haven't been able to try it yet:)

God's Peace and Love,


  1. Very nice job on the pics!! Tara looks so pretty. I like the ones with the dandelion and daisies. Are you using your camera or your Moms? The potatoes look yummy...they could be your gold challenge recipe a few days early:)

  2. Thanks! I like the ones with the dandilion and daisies best, too! I was using my moms camera. Us kids used to have one like hers, but the little kids monkied with it and ruined the lens. Never thought about using them for my gold challenge recipe! Love, Aimee

  3. Yummy looking potatoes...I'll have to try them! And I love the pics of Tara...what a pretty gal:)