Saturday, July 30, 2011


Leona and her kids spent the night at our house from Saturday night to Wednesday morning when Leona and Kenzie left and then Aimee and I babysat her other kids until Friday evening.  We enjoyed having them at our house.

This is what happens when my Dad reads Go Dog, Go and I take a video of it.  Minutes later, all the kids are sitting/standing by the couch watching it, yet again.

On Wednesday afternoon I made the Checkerboard cake.

The bottom right picture is of my helpers and I.

It seems amazing that it can look like a checkerboard in the inside - besides the wrong colors;)

These kids are so sweet and I am going to miss them when they go back to New Hampshire.

Love and God's Peace,


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here's my little cutie pie, Ms. Morgan Elaine Kulla:)

She seemed to be pretty comfy in the basket and when I took her out she started crying.  NOT sure why.

Thanks for looking:)

Love and God's Peace,
Tara Marie Kulla

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Aimee took these pictures of us.  Enjoy:)
These pictures are of my 2 cousins, Alexa and Chauntel, and I.

Tara, Chauntel, Alexa

Alexa, Tara, Chauntel

Chauntel, Alexa, Tara

The three of us.

Who’s the one that makes you happy
When it seems like you should be sad?
Who’s the one that calms your fears
When it seems like you should be scared?
A friend.
A best friend. ~ tk

Love and God's Peace,


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christopher + Clint's Tree Fort

Christopher and Clint started building a tree fort 3 - 4 years ago.  Pretty much each year they add something on.  It started out as half the size - where the top meets cut in half.  When they started it was pretty much a floor - no walls or anything.  They put some walls but my Mom had them take it off because it was so ugly - you could see it from the road.  Then, Reid and Clint put some walls up and then Reid helped them make a roof for the first half.  They then made the layout chair on the tree that was part of the tree house, with the help of Blayne.  Then, after a while, they got some wood from my Dad and they made a floor, walls, and a roof for the second half with a little of my Dad's help.  Just recently, they tarred and shingled both sides of the roof. 

A look at their fort from a ways away.

Christopher and Clint on the layout chair.

Sitting on the roof

The rope ladder that goes to the inside of the fort.  It is in the middle of the two sides and they have a cover for the door.

Christopher's homemade shelf.

A closer view of the fort.  The railing for the layout chair is to the left of the fort.

 Christopher and Clint on a tree that is part of the fort.

Thanks for looking - If you come over feel free to ask to see it in person:) 

Love and God's Peace,


P.S.  - Post kind of made by Christopher and Clint, too

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rachel's Birthday

Rachel's birthday was June 25th.  She had Huckleberry Cheesecake as her cake.  She had it on the 26th. James and Ramona came over and had it with us.

Happy sweet 16, Rachel!

Love and God's Peace,
Tara Marie Kulla

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer - At last and a bittersweet memory

(This part was written quite a while ago!!)  So, if y'all don't know, today is the first day of Summer! Also, it was our last day of school today so it worked out almost perfectly! Anyways, the clouds were really pretty today so, of course, I had to take a picture:)

I like this one the best - the sky is sooo blue and the tree is soooo green:)

Thursday was my Grandma Rhoades' funeral and after it we got a picture of all the granchildren there.  There are 112 of us - 3 didn't make it to the funeral, and several were already gone when we got this picture taken.

And our family.

And, last but not least, here's my Mom and Dad at our house before the funeral.

When I think about my Grandma Rhoades who has just died recently, I think about when I stayed up there a week before she died.  I was at her house two days before she was put into the hospital, and that in itself is very special to me.  Think about it.  There are many reasons I miss her so much but I know she is better off in heaven.  I think how she was always there to talk on the phone when anyone called.  How she always remembered the 112 grandchildren’s birthdays.  How at church she always helped in the kitchen, though she was already 74 years old and had problems with her breathing and other things.  How she lived for gatherings of her children and grandchildren.  I remember how she made al the delicious food for me when I was up there.  Last year when I stayed up there with Monica, she made delicious food, too.  I am very thankful that she died when I am 13 so I will always be able to have memories about her.  Some of my younger siblings won’t.  I am also thankful that I still have 2 Grandpas and 1 Grandma.  Some people have none or only one.  Thank you, Grandma, for being who you were.  I loved her very much.

Love and God's Peace,