Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Blanket Sale

Our Under the Lilacs Sale is over with and I would love to sell some of my things that are left.  Because Picnik closed and I can't easily do collages anymore, I'm going to have a bunch of separate pictures on here.  I'm going to do several different posts, so please be sure to check out all of them:)

First off are my baby blankets.  These first ones are minky and cotton and are $21 each.  I would be happy to ship, but will have to charge extra for shipping.



All of the ones above are approximately 35" square.  This yellow and gray one is approximately 31" square.
Next are gauze blankets that are becoming popular.  It's a really lightweight fabric that would be great for the summer or for swaddling.  All of these are different sizes.  This orange floral print one is about 40" square.  It is $15.

This cream colored blanket is about 41" x 43".  It is $11.

This white one is 43" X 44" and is also $11.

I also have a few burp cloths.  My ruffly girl ones all ended up selling.  These are $5 each.


You've probably seen this one around if you look at my blog!  This quilt is $85.  It is backed with purple minky.

If you would like to know any colors or want better pictures, please let me know.

I will hopefully be posting the rest of my things tomorrow.  Come back and see what I've got:)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Crafter's Weekly - week 13

I had the grand idea to join in with Aimee this week for Crafter's Weekly.  I thought I'd get some new springy dresses for the little girls.  They were both pretty much a FAIL, with Bronwyn's being the worst!!!  I'd used the pattern of Morgan's dress before, when Bronwyn was little, but made it to use as a nightgown.  Morgan's just may turn into that when it gets a little warmer.  It's really long.  She'd probably go crazy in it, trying to crawl around.  I got Aimee to take some pictures for me.  Here's my little sweetie.

My fabric from my stash was ancient.  I don't have a "modern" stash.  Almost all I have has been given to me from Mom or Marti.  I mostly only buy new what I have plans for.  I would've never guessed, but the fabric is Daisy Kingdom fabric.  I was quite surprised to read that on it.

I didn't bother getting a picture of Bronwyn with her's.  She's in love with it even if I thought it was a fail.  She's wearing it right now:)  Doesn't take much to please a 5-year-old!

Hope you have a great week.  I'm hoping to get a little bit of sewing done for our sale on April 28th, but our group has to serve this Sunday for special services, so I'll have to spend a bit of time running around for food.