Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red Color Challenge #4

Rachel made a Red Cherry Berry smoothie.

Aimee made this!

This is Tara's.

And I finally got my annual pies made.  The other times we had berries I kinda forgot until too late to make pies.  It worked good to do it this week, since our challenge was red:)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

North County Tour - Picture Post

Last Wednesday we got to spend the day with Faith.  It was a beautiful day, so we headed north for a nice day in the woods.  Over the years we have taken this drive many times, every few years.  Along the way, we saw Mt. St. Helens.....

......and the North Fork of the Lewis.

Then we stopped at Big Creek Falls.  There is a hiking trail there that was about 1 1/2 miles long roundtrip.  On the trail we saw these huge trees.

Notice the beautiful sky:)

Reid gave Hunter a ride part of the way.  It was getting a little too long for him.

Big Creek Falls

At the end of the trail.

My little woodsman, Walker.

Then we drove a couple miles further up the road to Lower Falls.  First off we had a picnic.

Then we were ready to go hiking again.  On the Big Creek Falls trail we were able to use the stroller part of the way.  This time David took Walker in the backpack.

Tara and Aimee (on the wrong side of the lookout).

Lower Falls - Even though I have a ton of these pictures that look almost exactly the same, I always take another one.  It is sooo pretty here.

Aimee, Rachel and Tara above the falls.

Tara found a cool multi-colored rock.  I kinda thought it looked like a heart.

Everyone wanted to get a little wet, so off came the shoes and socks.

Skipping (or throwing) rocks.

Hunter had to join in, too!!

Aunty Faith and Bronwyn.

After our short hike to Lower Falls, it was time for Mom and the 3 littles to take a rest.  The rest of the family wanted to hike to Middle Falls.  As you can see from the picture, it wasn't the greatest trail!!  It was about 1 3/4 miles long.  I drove the van further up the road to the Middle Falls turnout to wait for the rest of the family to get there.  It felt like they took FOREVER!!  Luckily Walker went to sleep almost right away and slept for an hour.  He woke up right before the hikers got back to the van.

Middle Falls

Reid went fishing at a couple places.

It turned out to be an awesome day.  Hope you enjoyed the picture tour:)

Red Color Challenge #3

This week we used red in an unusual way.

Feet-shaped raspberry ice cubes - by Rachel.

A girl bandana - by Tara.

Bottle Cap Magnets - by Elva.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Red Challenge #2

Well, we actually all got our challenge done!!

First is Tara's.  She decorated a bottle for change.

Aimee framed a picture she made for our kitchen.  She painted an old frame to pretty it up.

Rachel decorated a notebook.

I decorated a clipboard.

Rachel, Aimee and I all used Mod-Podge on our crafts.  It took us all week to get it done (actually, it was all done in a day once we decided what to do!!!)  Now, on to thinking about how to use red in an unusual way:)

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16th, 2009

One year ago today . . .
. . . I was enjoying a South Dakota sunset . . .
. . .and some South Dakota friends.

(Thanks to all those great friends, I had a wonderful time!!)
Love, Rachel

Father's Day

On Father's Day, Bronwyn and I happened to be matching.  I was wearing a purple shirt and blue skirt and she was wearing a dress that had blue and purple.  I will also mention that Bethany Hill was wearing a purple skirt and blue shirt.  None of this was done on purpose.  Here is the picture.
. . .
. . .
Love and God's Peace,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Huckleberry Picking

The time for huckleberry picking will come sooner than we think... They'll be ready at the beginning of August...or maybe a little later this year.  I promised a reminder when the time was closer, so here it is. Who wants to come huckleberry picking with us this year??  Here is my previous post on it.

Mmm...  doesn't that look good? :)

Huckleberry milkshakes and fresh huckelberries...definitely worth it!
Hope to see some of you guys (and gals) up in the hills!!! :)
Love, Rachel

Monday, July 12, 2010

Red Challenge #1 - late

Last week's challenge was a collage in the color red.  Rachel and I had ours done but never got them posted.  Aimee finally made hers:)  Here are all of ours.

Tara's collage.

Rachel's collage.

Aimee's Collage

Update on Garden

Our Garden and flower bed(s) have been doing really well.



Radishes.  We have 2 rows because we planted another one since they were getting eaten so fast!

Carrots - they are quite tall!

Onions - tall also

Clayton's sunflowers

Our biggest cucumber.  It is 6 inches long and 5 inches around.  Our others ones are only 2-3 inches long.

Beans - they have grown alot :)
Our Peas are doing great also.  The picture didn't turn out.

Flower bed . . .
This is our first crazy daisy that bloomed. They are very pretty. Some more are on the way!!

Love and God's Peace,

P.S. Had a wonderful time at conventions.  Hope you did too.