Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memories. . . And an Invitation to All!

Remember back when we used to go huckleberry picking, all of you who went with us? Don't you remember how much fun it was??? Look at this picture; pretty old, huh? (Okay, scroll down, the picture really isn't as old as this one looks:) Waayy too long ago!! And we went there with people after that (obviously, since I remember going up with people), but we haven't been up there with anybody in a looonnnnggg time!! I remember it being so, so much fun- us kids riding up in the back of dad's pickup when we first went, getting up there and meeting everybody, then a bunch of us going off together looking for huckleberries. Lots of great memories.

(Click on the picture to see the whole thing.)

(Kevin, Paul, Melissa holding Tiffany, Elva holding Rachel, Randy, Teresa, Stephanie, Christina, Jessica, and Charity in van)

So who's up for going huckleberry picking with us this year, whenever they're ripe? It would be a lot of fun, I'll tell you that!!!! You know you want to go :) And I'm not only talking to people who have gone before; you're all welcome to come!

(We'll remind you again when the time is closer just in case you forget :)
Have a great day!

Love and God's Peace,

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  1. That was so much fun, so many good memories! I'd go if I didn't live soo far away:)