Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Ramblings

I decided to take some pictures of Bronwyn the other day, just because.  She was wearing one of her favorite shirts and looked really cute. . . I did have to go fix her hair first, though.  Some of the expressions she made looked like pictures I've seen of myself when I was younger, but I couldn't seem to find any that were quite the same.  I did find a picture of myself though, about the same age, that looked just like a face Bronwyn makes a lot. (The one above of me.)
Above:  Bronwyn making some weird face & me when I was younger

Isn't she cute? :)

And here is one of me, Reid, and Aimee.

Some pictures of what might be happening on a school night . . . We only have tonight and tomorrow of them for this school year :)

A year ago the day the pictures of Bronwyn were taken . . . my wonderful friend from South Dakota, Sara Seppanen was at my house.

Sari and I
Aimee, McKenna Baker, Rachel, Tara, Sari Seppanen
Love, Rachel Elizabeth


  1. Wow! Bronwyn DOES look like first I couldn't figure out who was who:)

  2. Mommy edit:) Rachel is actually over a year younger in these pictures of her.