Friday, June 11, 2010

Blue Challenge #2

Rachel's Craft - A birthday card.

Elva's Craft - A couple weeks ago I found a tutorial for this crayon roll.  I printed off the directions for it here.  When I decided to join in on Karen's Color Challenge this week, I knew this was what I wanted to make.  I didn't have anything blue I wanted to make it out of, so after delivering some bread the other day and before a doctor appointment, I had a few minutes to stop to get some fabric.  I couldn't spend much time there, so ended up with this.

Aimee's Craft - Jean Hotpad - You can find directions to make it here.


  1. Cool hotpad! I think I need some of those:) (To replace some of my dingy ones!) Who's the crayon holder for? That's neat! Nice card too, Rachel:) Mona