Monday, June 7, 2010

Hunter's Quick Photo Shoot - 2 Years Old

I've been meaning to take pictures of Hunter since he recently turned 2. Every time I think about it, it's been pouring rain and I wanted to do them outside. Friday I knew it was supposed to be nice the next day and decided to do it on Saturday sometime. Most of the day had gone by when I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be taking his pictures!! I sent Rachel to change his clothes and wash him up. Then I set him up on a stump and started shooting away. He was so good. I know I don't have studio pictures, but I love them. He has so much expression. All in all, I took about 5 minutes max to get what I wanted!! I'm not prejudiced at all, but isn't he just

Hope you have a blessed day!

Love, Elva


  1. Yes he is adorable...but I guess I might be prejudiced too:) It is amazing when you can get a few good pics with little people. "You did good" As per your ? about where I get my ideas, some are off tutorials and other blogs, some I come up with on my own.