Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blue Challenge #3

We finally all got our "blue in an unusual way" things done.  All four of us did it this week.
Aimee made a blue baby crinkle toy.

Rachel made blue bubbles.

Tara diapered Walker:)

....And I covered a gift box in denim.

Hope you all enjoyed these.  Feel free to join in on the "Color My World Challenge".

Love, Elva


  1. Oh, aren't you guys just clever:) That bubble maker was on my list for summer fun art projects; although coloring the bubbles hadn't entered my mind:)

  2. We did the bubble makers a couple times in South Dakota last summer; once at the lake and then again at Wanda's. The kids all had a blast with them:) I was looking for something unusual & I figured that was unusual enough and I just needed to change it so it was blue:) . . . So I decided to make the soap blue, although I wasn't sure if it would really make the bubbles blue. It did a little bit but not much. And it's just as much fun without it being colored:)

  3. How great you all did! I had to chuckle at the diaper one! Love that gift box, did you use real jeans? Fun toys and summer fun:) I'm so GLAD you joined the challenges!