Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Goings-on

Today Reid, Christopher, and Clint went fishing down at the Lewis River. You can walk through our neighbor's woods to get down there, and so that is what they did. There's a creek that goes through the woods down to the river. If you walk in the creek you will get all muddy, but if you walk just in the woods some distance away from the creek, you will not get muddy and can have a nice tromp through the woods:) Today was their first day of fishing of the year and Clint was saying “Guess where we’re going today!” So you say, “Where?" Clint says, “We’re going fishing down at the Lewis River.” As you can see, they were quite excited! They got back and . . . no fish! Oh well. They were fine with that, though. It looked like they had quite a fun time.
. . .
One time, Rachel and I were going for a walk and so we decided to go down to the river. On the way down, we just kind of walked along the creek. When we got there, it was beautiful and you could see a waterfall. We were on a cliff type thing, so you couldn’t really go down to the water. On the way back, we walked through the creek, barefoot, got all muddy and I (Tara) got into some stinging nettle, which wasn’t so great, but we still had a fun time.
. . .
We decided to have a garden this year. Where our trailer used to be we have 3 raised beds with many different vegetables in it. Right in front of our front porch we have a flower garden. We transplanted our flowers today and our vegetables last Monday, except for the ones we planted as seeds.
. . .
Our Vegetable garden on the side of the house.

Reid raking the soil in the flower bed in front of the house.

Reid is in Horticulture this year. Because of that, we were able to do a frugal flower bed. After the plant sale at school, he was able to buy 50 plants for a penny each. One of our plants was a hanging petunia basket. (In the picture of the vegetable garden above, all of our big plants you can see were also bought for a penny each.)
Flowers ready to be transplanted. Reid working on one of the flower beds.
Tara by the flowers at the bottom of our driveway.

The finished flower bed in front of the house.

Walker enjoying himself outside like everybody else.

More later,
The Kulla Klan (written by Tara)

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  1. How fun to have the whole family involved in your blog! I can't wait to see what other adventures go on over at my brother's house:)