Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome . . .

. . . to the Adventures of the Kulla Klan. Yes, adventures!! On Memorial Day, Rachel had McKenna over and they had adventures in the mud. They were jumping and splashing in puddles and got themselves covered from head to foot. It was mentioned that it was pouring "cows and horses," by Son (a.k.a Christopher).

By the way, the boys in this family have some pretty odd nicknames. As we said, Christopher is Son. Clint is Gilroy or more often shortened to Roy. Clayton is Red (Shortened from Red the Magic Cougar - Clayton actually made that one up himself.) Forrest is usually called Fordy (of course that must've came from Fords, right?? Well, not really, but they are the best:) Hunter is called Johnny, shortened from Hunter Johnny as his middle name is John (Tara gave him this name). Walker is just WalkerRay so far(purposefully spelled as one word since that's how it's usually said.) The four oldest don't really have nicknames anymore although we used to. (Reid - Reidy Mauty, sometimes called Deedy now; Rachel - Rach or Rachey; Aimee - Aim, Ommy {Her dear aunt Leona's nickname which she really loves--the nickname & her aunt}, Mahtha {Kinda like Martha}; Tara - Taralara Marie Kulla baby girl {when she was the baby girl}, just Taralara.)

. . .

We will have many, many hilarious adventures of our Kulla Klan to tell in the future. Here's a sneak preview: Hotel Horror Stories and Open Sesame:)

. . .


Rachel, Aimee, and Tara

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