Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday morning David, Walker and I went to Christopher's 4th grade recognition ceremony.  Everyone is recognized for completing the 4th grade at Yacolt.  (They go to Amboy for 5th grade.)  Christopher was also recognized for being one of the top two readers.  The librarian has the 4th graders fill out a paper for every book they read.  Christopher didn't start at the beginning of school because he was too lazy to fill out the paperwork (less time for reading, you know?!?).  The librarian finally told the top two to stop when they were getting close to 150 books read!  Besides getting a certificate, he got a Barnes & Noble gift card and four books.

This morning we went to Aimee's 8th grade recognition, which was themed "Sunset Cruise".  They did a ton of decorating and it looked very nice.  She did an excellent job in Amboy, and got the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence.  She had to maintain above a 3.5 GPA in her years at Amboy, and pass the 7th grade WASL test to get it.

My camera wouldn't take good pictures with the lighting in the gym today, but here are some pictures from when Aimee helped decorate, and from before school.

The stage, which was a ship.

The aisle.

Walkway into the gym - the dock.


Cafeteria decorations and the sign that Aimee helped make.

Aimee, all dressed up beautiful and ready to go to school.



  1. Way to go, you smart kiddos! I can imagine the shock of someone reading more than 150 books:)
    You look so pretty Aimee, and your school looks so great all decorated up...NOW it's summer!!!Yippeeee!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Yes . . . and we actually have warm summer weather. Yay!