Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canon Camera Candids

On Monday (June 28th) I decided that I really need a camera before I go to New Hampshire this summer.
So...  I looked and found one I wanted at Walmart.  Tuesday we cleaned the house and waited for the boys to get home.  Then us three girls, Walker, and Mom went shopping.  I got my camera from Walmart in Portland.  Online you got the camera and a 2 MB memory card.  We got there, got the camera, and then the lady said we would need a card for it.  Apparently in the store a card doesn't come with it although the camera is still the same price.  So we finally decided we'd just buy the card and then we realized since our four big kids' camera doesn't work, I could just use the memory card from it.  I bought the camera.  It is a Canon A3000 IS. 

All these pictures were taken just on the auto setting.

My very first picture:)

This picture was taken into a pitchblack room..

This was right out the door when it was pitch black outside.

Right past the clothes.  Not too great, but pretty good considering it was pitch black.  Might be able to get something better with night scene or trying something different.

Just trying out the camera... :)  Still using the auto setting.

One of my favoritest presents:)  My basketball shorts I got from Stacia.

My watch that I got for my birthday.. got it from Walmart the same time I got my camera.

The beautiful day it is out there today.  Now there aren't even hardly any clouds - a bright blue sky.

Clothes hanging on our makeshift clothes line.

Hunter - the easiest person to take some pictures of while he was running around outside.
Sky through the basketball hoop.

Rope from the baby swing.

Focusing on the baby toys.  Still using auto . . . if you can't tell, I'm really impressed with all it can do without me doing anything :)

Focusing on the background through the baby swing on the porch.

So now I've got my camera to bring to New Hampshire and take pictures of my new cousin . . . and a few other things as well :)  49 days till I'm on my way!!!!!  I can't wait to see Uncle Tim, Auntie Leona, and all my cousins! and get to meet my 2nd cousins Anikka and Ariel Seppala!

Have a wonderful day!
Love, Rachel

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wild Strawberry Jam

Lately, wild strawberries have been abundant at Grandpa and Grandma’s on the Kulla side, and Christopher, Clint, Clayton, Forrest, Bronwyn, Hunter and I have been picking them by the cupful.  We have been getting quite a bit so we decided to make jam. The only ingredients are wild strawberries and sugar!!
First you put the strawberries on a plate.

Next, you mash them up.

Then, you add sugar.

Then, you stir them to get the final product.
Forrest had picked strawberries a different time at our Grandparents' house and had made jam out of them. Also, we had picked some at our house, but only got a couple.
What we had with Forrest’s and ours at our house combined.

All our jam we have made so far this year.

Love and God's Peace,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blue Challenge #4 (Late)

But I guess better late than never:)

Only Rachel & I did this challenge.

Rachel made Blueberry Muffins.

I made Huckleberry Crepes on a blue plate:)  The huckleberry sauce didn't really turn out blue, but oh well.

Love, Aimee

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 25th, 2010

Yesterday (June 25th) was my 15th birthday.  It was a very, very fun day!  We started out the fun with going hiking on the Bell Mountain trail at Moulten Falls.

Ready to go on our hike.
Haleigh, Stacia, Melanie, Tiffany, Rachel

A break on the way up.

Finally at the top!!!  (Well, where we went to before turning around.) Almost 1 1/2 miles.  We had a beautiful day so the view was pretty.

Rachel, Melanie, Stacia, Haleigh

Ready to head down - Melanie, Tiffany, Stacia, Haleigh

On the bridge after getting back.

Then we headed home for a night full of more fun :)

The table where us five girls sat for supper.  We had campfire potatos, barbeque chicken, peach jello, and iced tea.  It was delicious.

My attempt at making my birthday cake . . .  Oh well, it tasted delicious just like that.

Then I got the batter ready and had mom take care of it the second time around and I decorated it when she finished.

All of us girls.

Melanie had to go home in the evening, but the rest of us slept under the stars.  It was tons of fun.
It was a wonderful birthday; thanks to all of my friends who made it so special!

Love, Rachel

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday morning David, Walker and I went to Christopher's 4th grade recognition ceremony.  Everyone is recognized for completing the 4th grade at Yacolt.  (They go to Amboy for 5th grade.)  Christopher was also recognized for being one of the top two readers.  The librarian has the 4th graders fill out a paper for every book they read.  Christopher didn't start at the beginning of school because he was too lazy to fill out the paperwork (less time for reading, you know?!?).  The librarian finally told the top two to stop when they were getting close to 150 books read!  Besides getting a certificate, he got a Barnes & Noble gift card and four books.

This morning we went to Aimee's 8th grade recognition, which was themed "Sunset Cruise".  They did a ton of decorating and it looked very nice.  She did an excellent job in Amboy, and got the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence.  She had to maintain above a 3.5 GPA in her years at Amboy, and pass the 7th grade WASL test to get it.

My camera wouldn't take good pictures with the lighting in the gym today, but here are some pictures from when Aimee helped decorate, and from before school.

The stage, which was a ship.

The aisle.

Walkway into the gym - the dock.


Cafeteria decorations and the sign that Aimee helped make.

Aimee, all dressed up beautiful and ready to go to school.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blue Challenge #3

We finally all got our "blue in an unusual way" things done.  All four of us did it this week.
Aimee made a blue baby crinkle toy.

Rachel made blue bubbles.

Tara diapered Walker:)

....And I covered a gift box in denim.

Hope you all enjoyed these.  Feel free to join in on the "Color My World Challenge".

Love, Elva