Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on Garden

Our Garden and flower bed(s) have been doing really well.



Radishes.  We have 2 rows because we planted another one since they were getting eaten so fast!

Carrots - they are quite tall!

Onions - tall also

Clayton's sunflowers

Our biggest cucumber.  It is 6 inches long and 5 inches around.  Our others ones are only 2-3 inches long.

Beans - they have grown alot :)
Our Peas are doing great also.  The picture didn't turn out.

Flower bed . . .
This is our first crazy daisy that bloomed. They are very pretty. Some more are on the way!!

Love and God's Peace,

P.S. Had a wonderful time at conventions.  Hope you did too.


  1. Are you going to see how big that cuke will grow? I see my lettuce is ready-I'll have to try remember to cut some tomorrow.

  2. Yummy...all the yummy veggies! Can't wait to harvest our own. Ours are behind yours; although we have eaten a yummy cucumber and some radishes already:)

  3. 5" around...what are you going to do with it? WOW!!

  4. @ Bakersdozen - I was thinking of picking it tomorrow. Since we just bought the plants and not the seeds, I'm not sure exactly what kind of cucumbers they are and how big they should get. Maybe I'll have to leave it on there and see what happens.
    @ Clara - that's the circumference, not the diameter. It's really not so huge:) Only about 1 1/2" through.

  5. Nadine - I guess we aren't going to pick the cucumber for a while still. Let it get bigger than it is now anyway.