Monday, July 12, 2010

My Uncle Chet's Graduation Party was July 3rd.  He cooked a whole pig for us to eat.

Forrest and Hunter enjoying themselves at Chet & Brenda's.

Rachel, Forrest, Ryan, and Miriam on the swing together.

Swinging :)

Miriam and Rachel

Miriam, Tara, and Rachel


Forrest, Ryan, Tara, Rachel, Miriam

Richard and Eugene by their house that they made.

A bunch of the kids over by the swings - one of the main attractions :)

Monica, Aimee, Bethany, Tara, and Tiffany on one of our many walks . . . just acting normal :)

Tiffany and Rachel

Tiffany, Aimee, Tara, Bethany, and I (Rachel) played Skip-Bo one time.

Sharon holding Walker.
A bunch of us kids played "The Stump Game" which I still do not understand how to play even though I was playing it...

Tara, Minda, Sharon, Monica, Tiffany, and Aimee on yet another walk:) We went on too many to count but it was a lot of fun.
Our day pretty much consisted of eating and going on walks:) It was a lot of fun and the food was delicous.  I think pretty much everybody there had a wonderful time.

Love, Rachel


  1. Haha. MANY walks! Just enough to walk off all the bars we ate. ;)

  2. Yup! It was fun, though! And the rice krispy bars were delicious. :) Aimee

  3. I'll take the credit for all of us eating so many bars:) ... is that good or bad? haha:) But yeah, we pry walked it all off:)

  4. Yeah will all the walks we went on we walked them off! Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing Rach.. Prob could be a good thing since we walked it all off but considering the fact that we ate 3/4 of the pan of rice krispys I think it could be alright:)