Monday, July 5, 2010

Today 7-5-10

Today was a pretty fun day!! 

This morning . . .

This morning when I woke up I put Walker in the swing.  His smile is so cute!!

Forrest posing for a picture.

Clayton reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit to the younger kids.

We also picked radishes for lunch from our vegetable garden.  They are good but quite hot.

This afternoon . . .

For lunch I decided to do a sit down restaurant.  I got the inspiration from when I went to a Chinese restaraunt.  My customers were Hunter, Forrest, Clayton, Clint, and me.  Christopher and Reid were with Dad; Aimee, Bronwyn, and Walker were with Mom; Rachel wasn't invited:)

The first course was ice water.
Then, ramen noodles (Top Ramen) and iced tea.  Also a freshly picked radish.
Next was homemade rolls with ham, cheese, and butter.

The next course was Ritz toasted chips, sweet home sour cream and onion.  Everyone thought they were delicious:)
Then, a bar or cupcake and cookie.
The final course was a piece of candy.

All the kids said everything was delicous and Clint said I should do it again.

After lunch, all of us who ate at the sit down restaurant went for a walk.

Have a wonderful week!
Love and God's Peace,


  1. You are so funny, saying Rachel wasn't invited:) It sounds like fun and I bet the kids will be begging you to do it again!

  2. Oh Tara Lara...sounds great! My kids love it when I play restaurant with them. I thought the same as Karen...funny that you said Rachel wasn't invited:) Love you!

  3. This is great! How come Rachel wasn't invited? I like how you say sit down restaurant, you must be like us & usually have drive through if you get to eat out? How fun & I would have loved that!

  4. boysinheaven - Rachel wasn't invited because I didn't think she would accept the invitation. I didn't know if the small portions would be enough, either! Except for our birthday's, we mostly go to fast food restaurants and through the drive through.