Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Day at the Park

On August 24th, we, along with Clara, Ramona, Christina, & Charity and their kids, went to Hockinson Park.  We went around 11:30am.  We (the Kulla's) had pbj, chips, juice or pop, and a cookie for lunch.  We had tons of fun.

The ladies visiting after lunch.

Tara, Tamara, Kimberly, Alexa, and Bethany on the circle tilty thing-a-ma-jig . . . not sure what it's called but it's very fun!

Jared and Ramona

Christopher and Megan hiding from the camera (kinda got a pic of them - just not their faces).

All the kids found it exciting to watch the guy clean out the out house apparently.

Clayton with his frog in his cup:)

Tyler, Tiffany, Charity, Monica, Simeon, Jared, and Ramona

A TON of the kids on the roundy tilty thing!

The kids on the roundy tilty thing when they're moving around on it.

Hunter, Jason, and Garrett playing at the water fountains:)

A view of the park from the back side of it.

A view of part of the park from the front side.

There are also swings at the park, farther over to the right of the picture above.  There are great paths for riding bikes, running, or walking.  I would love to be able to bring my bike and ride it there!

Hope all those who came enjoyed their time there!  I know we enjoyed it:)

God's Peace and Love,

p.s. Rachel ~ Mom said we were going to your faaaavorite place!  I said it's not necessarily your favorite place ~ I'm pretty sure you would've rather been in NH like you were/are than at Hockinson Park:)  Have an awesome day.

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  1. Neat looking play area! And how fun for all you ladies and kids to get together.