Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fabric Covered Notebook

So I decided I wanted to make a notebook cover out of this fabric, so I made it yesterday!  I love it ~ the colors (I LOVE bright colors like this!) and how it turned out:)  There are a few things I will change when I make some more, but mostly I will make it the same.

The front of the notebook ~  I just did a simple ruffle on the front of this notebook.

The inside covers are the same on both sides ~ the fabric and the design.  I did the main smiley face fabric as the lining and the fabric I used for the ruffle for the pockets.

This is the place where I'd change something.  The inside lining sleeve doesn't go all the way to the paper ~ I wouldn't mind if the background was plain white, but since it has writing on it, I'd like for it to be all the way covered.  Next time I'll make the lining piece 1" - 1 1/2" wider so it'll cover the writing on the inside cover.

The back is just the smiley face fabric ~ nothing fancy:)

View of the notebook kind of from the top.

View of the ruffle on the front.
I'm going to the park this morning and Huckleberry picking tonight!  Fun day ~ Hope you all have as fun a day as I'm planning on having!  Keep on crafting:)

God's Peace and Love,

p.s. Thought I'd show you this pic I took ~ it was taken on August 20th in the evening.

I think it's pretty . . .

And Forrest standing in front of it . . . part of it almost looks like Forrest was photoshopped out of a picture and put into this one . . . it really is an original photo:)

Good - bye, Good - bye!


  1. Great job on the notebook and love the pic of Forrest:)

  2. Thanks:) Aimee