Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gold Challenge #3 - Something Unusual in the Color Gold + More:)

This is Tara's unusual thing.

Are you saying "uh, what is so unusual about this.  It's just a candy jar."  Well, it is but since it had to be unusual, this is how it is.

If you’re good,
take one.
If you’re bad,
Take one for later,
When you are good!
(‘Member to brush
Your teeth).

The unusual part is "If you're bad, Take one for later, When you are good!"

That is what it says on the side of the container.  So what do you think?  It it unusual.

Aimee also did an unusual something this week:)

So here's the story:
I was standing on the porch and the towels were hanging there drying.  I was randomly standing behind a pink towel and happened too look through it (I was standing right next to the towel).  There I saw a bunch of pink polka - dots that looked really cool.  I decided to take a picture but on the pink towel the picture didn't turn out.  Then I decided to try it on this green towel in the picture below.  I then saw I could see the trees/grass/road etc. through the polka - dots in the towel after I took the picture.

(By the way, I think this is the best photo in the bunch!)

This is another picture in the green towel in a different spot or something ~ you can't see much through this one but this is pretty much what I had seen in the pink towel I had looked through first.

Then I was thinking this was very unusual and was wondering if we had a gold towel.  I found a goldish/yellow multi-colored wash cloth and decide to try it on it and see if it would work.

The picture below you see the gold on both sides and a blue stripe in the middle.  You can see some flowers, trees, and the road throught the polka - dots.

 This picture you can see the sky, trees, and a flower or two.

This picture you can see the trees through the gold polka - dots.

You can also see trees through this wash cloth.

So now you all think I'm weird probably for looking through wash cloths and towels, but that's okay.  But, hey, this is unusual, isn't it?!?!
God's Peace and Love, Aimee and Tara


  1. I LOVE IT! What creative ideas and very well done-isn't it amazing what our minds can do when we get to thinking?

  2. Yes, Have you ever looked through a towel that has big enough holes? It looks better than the picture on the camera even. You should check it out.