Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet "Ms. Harley Bronwyn" and a look at the flower bed

Bronwyn likes to pretend to be on a Harley by sitting on the second thing down on her trike - not on the seat.  Since we got helmets she has started wearing that, too.  So  here's a few pictures so you can see what it's like:)

 Making a motorcycle noise.

Bronwyn Laci Kulla
Hunter smiling and Bronwyn concentrating on the "road".
Too cute.
And . . . I figured I would show a picture of the flower bed when the flowers were just put in, and right now.
Right now #1
Right now #2
After we had just put them in.
Love and God's Peace,

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  1. Bronwyn is a funny girl! The flowers sure took off, very pretty :)