Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy Clayton

This will be kind of disgusting:)

Friday night, Clayton came and showed us this.  Of course, dad had to get a picture:) About 2/3 of the way down the snake, in line with the bottom of Clayton's shirt, there is a bump.  The snake had just eaten something.  Later, Clayton was still holding it upside down and he was up the hill from our house and then he came racing down and said the snake had choked up the thing it had just ate.  It was a slug or something.  Then they went over by Clayton's garden and tried killing it.  They didn't succeed and it got away.  Clayton is our animal man.
Love and God's Peace, Tara


  1. Boys ARE crazy!! Marcus was just telling everyone a couple days ago how he was picking up snakes.. the fact that it has a bulge is pretty gross! :P

  2. Yuck! Tell him he could REALLY scare his Mom with that thing:)

  3. ish! We had one that ate one of our chicken eggs. The black snakes here get really big. The other day Joe was out on our back deck & he yelled for me to come outside & there was a copper head slithering under the deck. I was freaked out! He sure killed that one!~Eve

  4. Ramona is right....he could REALLY scare his Mom with that thing!!!! Daddy took the pictures and said it had to go on the blog! They know they cannot come near the house with snakes if I know anything about it. I've never seen one so huge on our property.