Wednesday, August 18, 2010


How much better of a subject can you get than that???

July 2nd, Bronwyn helped me make rice krispy bars.

July 21st, we had barbecue ribs,

Campfire potatoes,

Fresh salad from our garden, and carrot curls.

July 22nd, for bed snack I made everybody "Winter Layers" deserts from an American Girl magazine.

There were 3 different choices:
----Brownie, candy cane, pudding, whipped cream, candy cane. ----
----Brownie, chocolate chip cookie, pudding, whipped cream, chocolate chips.----
----Graham cracker, marshmallows, pudding, whipped cream, m&ms.----
Clayton eating his.

July 26th, while babysitting at Mona's, I made Volcano Potatoes for supper.
July 31st I decided to be adventurous & try something new for lunch.  I took a tortilla shell, put bean dip on it, then taco meet, then cheese, then chips.  Then I put it in the microwave till the cheese melted.  Add some sour cream & you're good to go!  Interestingly enough, it tasted exactly like Taco Casserole.

August 5th, Tara tried making some meringue cookies.  She didn't do them right, but they were still okay.

August 11th, I made a pizza quesadilla and iced tea for lunch.  It was delicious :)

And here I leave you, a hunger within, as I go off to New Hampshire :)

Love & God's Peace!


  1. Good stuff!! lots of interesting do you make volcano potatoes? I should try the winter layers for my family, i think they'd like them a lot.

  2. To make volcano potatoes, you make mashed potatoes, put them in the shape of a volcano, add cheese on top and put in oven until cheese is melted. The winter layers ARE good. - Tara

  3. Edit to Tara's comment . . . You also put paprika on top of the cheese ~ by the way, Volcano Potatoes are pretty much mashed potatoes with melted cheese on top (and obviously they're shaped like a volcano:) Love, Aimee

  4. Leaving me with a hunger within is right. Here I was ready to call you up and see what is on todays menu...then I see it was Rachel who wrote it. You other Kulla gals...please bring me lunch...please. please!! Clara

  5. I would bring you lunch if I just had a way to bring it over to you. What do you want, anyway?