Friday, February 25, 2011

Hot Items . . . On Sale NOW!!!

I'm suddenly realizing time is swiftly passing, (only 6 weeks to go . . . or 7 or 8!!!) so I got a little into cleaning mode today.  My nursery had become a catchall place that needed cleaned!!  During my cleaning I came across a box of things I would love to sell, so they won't need to take up storage space anymore:)  My need for space is creating some deals for you!!  I'm dropping prices on a bunch of my stuff, hoping to be able to sell it.

Everything for sell will have a number on it and you can email me here, or leave a comment on my blog post if you're interested in something.  I will gladly deliver to locals, but will have to charge a shipping fee if you want something mailed.

First up are Clipboards.  #1-4 are small ones (6"x9") and #5-6 are regular size (9"x12.5").  Both sizes have clips at the top where you can hang them up with a nail.  These are also great to haul around with you if you need a clipboard . . . or you can attach a magnetic strip to the back and use them on your fridge.  #'s 1-4 are on sale for $6.00 each and #'s 5-6 are on sale for $7.00.

Next I have 1" 3-Ring Binders that have 20 plastic sleeves in them for recipes.  If you print off alot of recipes from the internet, this kind of book is what you need.  These cost $6.00 each.

Then come the Crayon Rolls with notepads.  These are great for your purse for your little ones to use while you're waiting somewhere . . . or for when you're driving . . . or for whatever you can think of:)  #10 has frogs & lilypads, #11 has bugs, bees, dragonflies, etc., #12 has flowers and #13 has hats, shoes and purses.  If you'd like a photo of them opened up like #13, let me know and I'll email it to you.  These cost $7.50 each.

These are little Half Aprons.  They have two pockets and tie in back.  They are $5.00 each.

 I have just one Child's Apron left.  It is sized for ages 2-5, made from vintage brown floral fabric, with orange rick-rack trim.  This is on sale for $9.00.

And then my Circles & Circles Purple Baby Quilt!!!  As you can see this is a beautiful quilt that took alot of time.  The back is purple minky, which will be so soft for your little one to cuddle in!  This quilt is approximately 34"x39".  It is for sell for $85.00.

Or, in case it's a little boy you have . . . I have a Farm/Cow Baby Quilt.  This quilt is also backed with soft minky fabric.  It is approximately 36" square.  It costs $80.00 

This is a Perpetual Birthday/Special Occasions Calendar.  It is 6"x12".  It is for sell for $15.00.

Then I have some Hanging Baby Rattle/Toys for carseats.  The babies love the noise the bells make . . . and they really aren't irritating like some baby toys!!!  These are $7.00 each.

We're almost to the end!!!  These are some cute little Bags.  They have a zipper closure across the top.  Their sizes are listed on the picture and the bottoms of all of them are 2.5" wide.  These would work great for a little cosmetic bag, a bag for little things in your purse, a bag for a little girl to keep her important stuff in, etc.!!!!  #'s 24-25 are on sale for $8.00 and #'s 26-27 cost $7.00.

And last, but not least, I have a bunch of Adult Sized Aprons.  This is just an example of one of them.  If you are interested, I have them listed on my Etsy site, where you can see pictures of all of them.  I have them in black, brown, dark green and cranberry colors.  The flowers on them are attached with a pin, so they can easily be removed.  If you buy them here, by contacting me through my blog, they are $12.50 each.

Waiting to hear from you all:)


  1. Fun stuff! Would love the large red floral clipboard & this blak/white apron, if you still have them.:)
    Let me know how u'd like me to provide payment paypal or chk. Love your fam's cute new pics

  2. Bonnie - could you email me so I know which Bonnie you are? Both of those are still available. Thanks, Elva

  3. Hi Elva! I would like #23, the aqua and green hanging baby toy. Do you want me to mail you a check? I can pay you right away, but I don't need the item before the scrap retreat unless you really want to get it out of your house:)

  4. Greetings from Finland! You make so many pretty things Elva!! If I lived closer, I whould love to order stuff from you!! :) #25 and #26 are the favorites this time! And that purple baby quilt ofcours, but "my BABY" would be too big for that now.;)Hope you get them all "sold out"! :)
    Love, Hanna Björkskog

  5. Elva! Love your site and your items!!! Super! Great job! Nancy Wood =)

  6. Thought I commented last night but guess dodnt save. I'd like #3 please ;) and so many others but will have to wait!