Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, I'm not exactly sure how to get these pictures in the exact order I want them, but oh well :)

Today I made cinnamon raisin bread.  It isn't near as good as last time I made it, but it sure tasted good, warm and fresh!

Walker on Valentine's Day.

Reid fixed Clayton's sign, but he still hasn't noticed after quite a few hours!

Because of the little rascal pictured above (Walker), we now have to make sure we keep the bathroom and our girls door closed.  For awhile, every day he would come in our room & open up a bunch of Tara's candy.  He didn't really bother eating too much of it, though!

I took this picture for our project we're doing in Digital Photography.  I brought my tulips home last week I think from school.  We planted them in October and left them outside, then in January I think, they brought them into the greenhouses, which I guess makes them think it's Spring and they bloom.

Aimee on Valentine's Day.

After the school kids went to bed on Valentine's day, I got Bronwyn dressed up and took some pictures of her- also for my Digital Photography project.

After a couple pictures, she got grumpy and I finally convinced her to let me keep taking pictures of her after I took a couple outside :)

I had to keep thinking of different ways to take pictures of her so she would let me keep taking them :)

Then a funny face.

Then Hunter figured he needed a picture taken, too.

When Walker came along, they of course needed him in the picture, too!

January 15th, I babysat for James & Ramona's kids.  Tellie was very helpful taking care of Jared and then Alexa got lucky when he slept the whole time it would've been her turn :)
After Camille woke up from her nap, we decided to play picture place.  They all dressed up pretty (well, the girls :) and we found some different backgrounds.  Chauntel was first.

I played around with a couple of the pictures on Picnik.

Lexa was second.

Here is a picture Alexa? took of me & Tellie.

Millie had on some shoes that were just a little too big for her :)

Then Zach had his turn.. he was being silly :)

Alexa Lynn

Blayne was waiting his turn, too, but then James & Ramona got home and we stopped.  We had a lot of fun, though!

Love & God's Peace,


  1. We had to start putting notes on our "tooth cups" too because Dad would always think there was just a cup of water and dump it out!

  2. Are you learning lots in your DP class? I wish I knew more about using my camera. Nice to read about what you have been doing and the going ons at your house.

  3. Well, I just started a couple weeks ago. Mostly we've been doing stuff with our pictures on photoshop, not learning about actually taking the pictures.