Thursday, February 10, 2011

School Projects {and Sweetie Pies:}

Reid and Rachel took clay {Rachel took it twice}
Reid made this beautiful cabin we have on the mantle.

Rachel made {piggy} banks for Clayton and Forrest.
Clayton's is a frog; made in 2009-2010
Forrest's is a drum. made in 2010-2011

Rachel also made a silverware/napkin holder for our table.  It is a square with  a rectangle for napkins and two squares for spoons and forks.

Since this is about some projects we have made in school . . . Reid made this tulip flower pot.  It sits behind our sink.

And here's Walker, as cute as ever:)
{THE sweetie pie}
By the way, I wanted to put a picture on here about inspiration . . . it didn't load.
Anyway, it was a picture of kiwi and pineapple.  In case you're wondering, we are very excited that we got kiwi ~ we like NEVER get it:)  Anyways, my inspiration was to make fruit pizza.  Doesn't it just sound delicious?  I guess we can just wait until summer, though, when we will have some fresh berries like strawberries and blueberries.

Thanks for looking,

Love and God's Peace,



  1. I did some stuff with clay in art too! It was fun but I don't think any of it turned out how I wanted!

  2. Guess what I just made at school in cooking afterschool activities class . . . fruit pizza:) mmm:)