Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Latest Project - Hanging Baby Rattle/Toys

At the bazaar I did in early December, I bought a baby toy.  It wasn't really that cute, but I bought it so I'd have a pattern to make a cuter one!!!

With my piles of ribbon, I've gone through and found matching ribbons to make a few different ones.  Besides a couple I made right away to give away, I just finished my first batch of them that I put on Etsy.

Since Walker's not such a baby, I decided to give him the toy that I just bought.  He loves the little bell on the bottom . . . and it's actually not irritating when he plays with it in his carseat!  Before he had it in his carseat, he hauled it around the house, shaking it.

This rattle can be hung from anything you have to hang baby toys on.  It is very easy to attach and detach.

Here are some pictures I took of them.

First - a few individuals.

A single one hanging from the carseat.

 All of them laying on the table.

 All of them hanging on the carseat.

I saved the best for last - Walker enjoying one for a photo:)

Hope you have a great rest of the week.

Love, Elva