Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kulla Family Part 2

So this is the rest of my "summary of the year."  (Which is July through December)

Chet's Graduation Party.
Produce from our garden.
Faith made it out here!!  We took her to Lower Falls.
Clint caught a fish:)

Dad took Reid, Christopher, Clint, Clayton, and Blayne camping/fishing for a night.  Clayton's fish he caught.
Blayne, Clint, Reid, Christopher, and Clayton.
Aimee's birthday was on the 4th.

We also went to the beach on August 13th.
Some of us kids in the ocean.
Clayton made a "sand angel."
We stopped at The Candy Man and they had a horse you ride right there.  Hunter.
Some of us kids made a sand mountain.

August 24th.
In the morning we went to Hockinson Park with Ramona, Charity, Clara, and their kids.
That night, Anders and Clara came huckleberry picking with us.

Walker's birthday was on the 17th.
Christopher got a birthday present!  Just kidding!!  He didn't get a deer for his birthday but dad shot it the morning of his birthday.
Christopher's birthday was on the 23rd.

Our first snow!!
The boys made a snow couch in our front yard.
Clint, Tara, Aimee, Reid, and Christopher went up to the logging road to go sledding.

Our bazaar was on the 4th.
Forrest's birthday was on the 7th.

December also
On the 15th we made prune tarts at Paul and Charity's home.
One the 18th we had our Rhoades Christmas get-together at Paul and Charity's home.
 We opened Christmas presents on the 24th (it made a HORRIBLE mess!!!)

Well, Thanks for checking it out:)

Love and God's Peace,


  1. Fun times! Nothing happen in September? Clara

  2. I kinda wondered that when I was posting it for her:) We went to Mt. Rainier, school started and Pappa turned 90!