Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Holiday Cards from Shutterfly!

Ok - so here we go!  This is awesome.  Shutterfly has the coolest Christmas cards. 

There are many, many awesome Christmas cards you can get, but these are a few that I think are pretty cute:)

The Sweet Scalloped Frame Christmas Card. I really like the scallop around the edges and how the writing overlays the picture. I think this would be a really good photo card using the black and white photo like it shows it.

Man, I think this one is darling! It's the Full of Love Christmas Card.  I think this is sooo darling. Yeah, I already did say that, but I really do think it is:) I like how the picture covers the whole card, and the writing overlays the photo.  It looks really neat!

You can find the above cards here.

Another card I think is pretty cute is this one:

It's an opening card - one you can write on in the inside. I think I really like how the writing and pictures are placed . . . and the font of the writing. So cute!
And then in the inside of the card, you can put photos and personalized writing.

This card and other holiday story cards can be found here.

And then there's the religious holiday cards.

One I really like is the Oh Holy Night Religious Christmas Card.

I don't know if I'd actually use the black card, but it is a really cute design, how it all looks together.

Another one I like is the Christ Is King Religious Christmas Card.

I like the angel design and the bright red of the card.

You can find more Religious Holiday Cards here.

 “Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards”

You can find there cards and stationary here.

Okay ~ now for the free cards. I found this deal on Tatertots and Jello, which is an awesome crafty blog, where you can find all kinds of awesome ideas and you can enter tons of giveaways, although I haven't suceeded at winning yet:) I found this post, where I found out that if you click on the link there that says "Click here to go to Shutterfly." So I clicked there and found out that if you blog about Shutterfly, I guess, then you got a coupon code sent to you for 50 free cards. Shipping & Handling applies, but it's worth it when you even it out because your cards are free. So, if you want to get free cards, which is an awesome deal, go to the Tatertots and Jello post and do what it says. It is an awesome deal and that's why we're doing it!

God's Peace and Love,

p.s. Remember to go get your free cards!!!!!

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