Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alexa, Tara, Christopher, and Clint

Alexa and Camille were being babysat for a couple days and today we got a couple of pictures:)

Alexa and I
 Alexa and I

Ok, so I do understand that we are a bit weird!!  Alexa turned her face red (and not because of the cold!)

Christopher, Alexa, Tara, and Clint.  The people who were mainly together. Talking in the playhouse, games in the boys room, studying in the fur shed, and bringing in wood together; also staying up late and talking and reading (Alexa and I not the boys).

All of us hugging together

Copying each other:)

Christopher pretending to be angry and the rest of us doing choo choo train!

Holding Alexa up.  She seemed to be pretty amused!

And, of course we had to get a weird one.  All of us being kinda strange.  Look at Alexa's expression . . .

Well, thanks so much for visiting us Alexa.  I had a very wonderful time.  I hope you can come again soon.

Love and God's Peace,


  1. Hi Tara! I'm glad you had fun with me because I had fun. It was fun ordering our pictures. I can't wait to get our pictures. It was fun talking in the PH. That bike ride was so fun. I'm sorry I keep on saying "Fun"...but it WAS so fun! Today, my mom is correcting our work and we had to do corrections. Clara brought us lunch and we played downstairs while the mom's ate lunch. Now I'm helping with the apples, which is also "fun":) Hope you are having a good day because I am! Love you lots, Alexa

  2. I am having a fun enough day. Going to Ernie and Marty's tonight and went to school today. Same to you, TARA