Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Baby Is 1!!!

Yesterday Walker turned one!  He didn't act like he thought anything was special about the day.  It was the other kids who wanted to know . . . when can we give presents?? . . . when are we having cake?? 

We asked Pappa and Grandma over for supper, but they already had plans, so we stopped by their house after afternoon church for awhile. 

I hadn't thought to ask Grandpa and Grandma over, but as we were getting ready for church, David told me to give them a call.  They were going to visit Uncle Edwin in the hospital and would let us know later if they'd come.  They called after 6:00 and said they were on their way.  That was fine because we'd gotten home late and didn't have supper ready anyway.  They got here at 7:00, just as I was pulling the first BBQ Chicken Sandwiches out of the oven.  We aren't used to eating that late, and everyone ate more than ever.  The sandwiches were wonderful, with fresh-from-Safeway's-oven French bread!!

Walker opening a present.

Enjoying his new toothbrush.

Walker with his rubber ducky cake.

Grandpa and Grandma Rhoades (not sure why the one of them turned out blurry).  Thanks for coming.  We enjoyed our couple hours together!

Ready for bed in his new PJ's, playing with his toys and balloon.

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