Friday, October 1, 2010

August 27th, 2010

Anikka was at Leona's till after lunch on Friday.  We walked through the woods & then walked down the road, too.  At one point we got Laylah to take a picture of us.

At around 4:00 Lila & Savannah came & picked me up.  After dealing with a flat tire & waiting around for Jack to come change it for us, we were finally on our way to Kimball's for ice cream.

After that, we went to the Cathedral of the Pines.

Savannah was pretending to meditate at this place that had a Japanese name.  It didn't work too well, as she could hardly keep herself from laughing.


Savannah & I

Lila & I

Lila, Savannah & I

Savannah, Lila & I thanks to self-timer :)

Afterwards, we went to Lila's house & had supper.  When Mike got home, we took the truck, being much more reliable than the van with a spare tire.  We picked up Dolly.  Before we went back home, we went to McDonald's... & got our picture with all 4 of us in it :)

It was a very fun day.. one of the many I had while I was in New Hampshire :)

Love & God's Peace,

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