Saturday, November 20, 2010


So our first snow of the year was on Wednesday night.  We woke up to the snow melting and got home from school and it was gone.  However, I heard that Forrest got to play in the snow even though it wasn't very much.  We were pretty excited!

This is our front yard

And this is the cars

So now for today.  Dad and Clayton went up to the mountains and rolled 3 big snowballs.  They brought them home and then Clayton and I made a snowman.  He decided since he had helped roll the snowballs that he should get a picture with it by himself.  He also decided it was snowing, hence the snow on the hat.  He decided he wanted to use his hat (he just took it off his head).  The last thing we decided was since the rocks wouldn't stay in for the mouth it would have a toothy grin!  So who else got snow yet?

the snowman

Clayton w/the snowman

Bronwyn, Hunter, snowman, Clayton, and Forrest

Alll of the kids again

Thanks for looking,
Love, Tara

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