Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cathedral of the Pines.. My Last Night:(

So my last night in New Hampshire, August 30th, I was with Lila.  Well, like all afternoon and evening.  Sometime in the afternoon we brought Savannah & Marlyssa to the library and then brought them back home.



We picked up Savannah (Karlsen) & Dolly (Angeline Ojala) around 7:30 I think.  Then we headed over to the Cathedral of the Pines.  It is a really beautiful, peaceful place.

Sav & Dolly

Me, Lila, & Savannah.
I miss you so sooo much Lila & Savannah!!!!!!!!

Dolly, Savannah, & I

Dolly, Lila, & I... really dark picture but the background is pretty :)

Savannah :)

Me, Dolly, & Lila

Me & Lila

It was a fun afternoon with Lila & a fun time at the Cathedral of the Pines!  Special friends make a special day :)  Thanks for making it special!

*I stole a couple of the pictures from Lila:P*


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  1. Looks like a fun time! I used to love to go to NH when I was your age, and hang out with cousins and friends:)