Monday, September 13, 2010

Brown Color Challenge #2

Mom and I did the color challenge last week on Saturday night and the camera wasn't working then . . . so we're putting it on now:)

Mom made my skirt smaller and put a pocket in it.

I made a felt flower for a headband.  I was just going to make a hair clip, but then I remembered I'd got a few elastic headbands a while back and decided to try it.  I just sewed the flower onto the headband.

Love, Aimee


  1. Not sure where to leave this comment, but one of you (there are 13 to choose from!) :D left me a comment on my blog (you craft me up) and I just noticed it, sorry, you probably left it forever ago! Someone asked "what is KSL", KSL is a local (utah and idaho) classified add. It is pretty cool, you can check it out at
    I love seeing the picture of your clan! There are 9 kids in my family so I can ALMOST understand! :D I love big families, never a dull moment, or an alone one for that matter! :D

  2. Thanks Karen ~ and Maria, that was me:) Love, Aimee

  3. You make such pretty stuff, Aimee! ~Telie

  4. Thanks, Telie:) Aimee