Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playing Outside

So, the kids were playing outside the other day.  I had just happened to go outside and noticed the kids were down at the creek.  And then, I heard a small voice calling my name.  It was Walker.  He was up on the hill all by himself so I went and just followed him.  On the way around the house we saw some balls so we brought them up with us.  Hence, the pictures.  Walker would play around with the ball and then it would roll down the hill so he would start going to get it.  Of course, I ended up getting it, but he was going to, so I have to tell you . . .

Yes, I do admire my little Walker Ray very much!!!

Here's a few pictures of the kids.  Enjoy:)

Love and God's Peace,



  1. Nice of you to play outside with your little brother and sister! And I'm so excited that the "play outside" time of year is here/coming!

  2. I know, me too. I even wore flipflops today!!!