Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flat Stanley

Everyone knows who Flat Stanley is, right?  The other day, we got a letter from one of my little cousins, Emma Rhoades.  It was a school project (library) where they sent a letter with Flat Stanley in it to someone they knew in a different state.  Well, we got Emma's and so we took Flats to Centerville with us.  That way, he got to see Multnomah Falls, Beacon Rock, Mt. Adams and Bonneville Dam.  We'll be sending Flats back soon, but we hoped he enjoyed his time . . . Now, we need to go write a letter back to Emma, telling what Flats saw.  (Yah, we nicknamed him Flats:) 

This is how he rode . . . That way he got to see wonderful Washington (and Oregon) sights!!!

A waterfall . . .

. . . Multnomah Falls (a really messed up pic.  Not sure what happened:)

There were some Army trucks we passed . . . like 15-20!!!

Walker got a sucker . . . he is so sweet:)

Rachel reading her book on the way home

Love, Tara


  1. I don't know about Flat Stanley!!! But what a cute idea:)

  2. Karen ~ there is a book where a boy named Stanley gets flattened by a ?bookshelf? or something. So they call him Flat Stanley:)

  3. The only problem, it looks like Flats didn't get to see out the window. Unless since he is flat, he can see from both sides of his head.

  4. Actually, it's just the lighting. Flats was facing out, you just can't tell:)