Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Organizer Wallets

This is my second post in my series of posts of items for sale, so if you haven't seen Baby Blanket Sale, please check it out.

These are a bunch of cute organizer wallets.  They have a little notepad in them and there are a few pockets for business cards, gift cards, money, etc.  Folded closed, these are about 5.75" tall x 4" wide.

Some of these are completely in one color of fabric, and for those I have only one picture.  If they have contrasting fabric inside, I have a picture of the inside.  These organizer wallets are $8 each.

This one is turned the right way in my program, but refuses to be right when I upload it.  At least you can see what it looks like inside:)


I will hopefully be posting the rest of my things later.  Blogger is being sooo slow about uploading pictures, so it's taking forever for me.  Come back and see what I've got:) 

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