Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Carseat Toys

This is my last post in my series of posts of items for sale.  If you haven't already seen Baby Blanket SaleOrganizer Wallets, Hand-Crafted Magnets, Greeting Cards and Puzzles, Bottle Vases and Miscellaneous,
please check them out.

I have carseat toys for sale here.   They are $7.50 each.  These hang from a carseat (or anywhere else you want to hang a baby toy).  They have a bell at the bottom.

This one has sailboats and stars on the red and blue ribbon.




And this is how it is hung on the carseat.

Thanks for looking at all of my posts of things for sale.  Come back soon and maybe I'll have something else to talk about:)


  1. Hi. This is Sue Seppala and I would like to purchase the car seat toy that is third from the top. It's brown and green. My email address is You can contact me with total cost including shipping.

    1. Sue, I'm not sure if you got my answer because the email acted funny. so I thought I should post here, too. Shipping is $1.75, for a total of $9.25. Thanks!