Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little of This and That!

We haven't posted much about our family for quite awhile so I'm doing a little (could be big!) picture post!

1/10/12 - A good day for David on his trapline - 6 beavers and a muskrat.

1/17/12 - Morgan at 9 months.

1/17/12 - Some of our big snow.

 1/18/12 - Bronwyn taking care of her baby.

1/18/12 - A pillow that Tara made.  She asked for fabric and sewing lessons for her birthday last year.  This is a project she got done.

1/21/12 - Some of the boys tend to howl when I give haircuts, but David falls asleep:)

1/23/12 - Bench Reid made in welding.

1/28/12 - Clayton and Rachel reading.   A normal sight in our living room to see kids reading.  Rachel only because she wasn't feeling good.

1/28/12 - David on his 40th birthday with his last gluten filled birthday cake.

1/29/12 - Morgan after a hard day at play:)

2/3/12 - Grandpa and Morgan - He came for a haircut and lunch (and no, I wasn't allowed to touch his beard!)

2/3/12 - Walker

2/4/12 - Rachel babysat while I went to the quilt retreat.  She let the kids do some scrapbooking.  Bronwyn at work.

2/4/12 - Forrest at work.

2/5/12 - When you think small boy relatives are being really good since there's no noise, you should probably check.  Walker's destruction.
2/6/12 - I finally made some pasty for the first time in about a year.  I'm really enjoying being able to take one from the freezer when I need something for lunch.  (I tried to make a collage of this but couldn't find the option anymore.)  All of the filling - 10 lbs. of potatoes - 5 lbs. of hamburger - 12 carrots - onions - salt - pepper.

Filling on the pie crust.

 All ready for the oven.

Finished product - about 32-35 total made.

2/6/12 - Another day on the trapline - 1 bobcat - 2 beavers.

2/14/12 - My darling little Morgan - crawling around under the clothes rack.

 2/15/12 - My little sweetie again, in a little outfit Aimee just made for her.  Morgan is 10 months old today already!!

Even though this was quite a few pictures, I don't really take a whole lot of pictures (where's the rest of the family, right?)  Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. You said you couldn't find the collage option. On picnik? :) Just wondering because it still is there! Hope that helped! :)
    -Lexie (Designer of Creative Essentials)

  2. Thanks, Lexie! I tried on two different browsers and it wasn't there, but now it's back, showing up in a different place than I've seen before!

  3. Very cute....did you teach the girls how to sew?

  4. I guess I kind of taught them to sew and they learned some on their own.