Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Baby is 11 Months Today!!

Our little darling Morgan is 11 months old today.  (By the way, I took too long to write this, so my info is incorrect.  The 17th is the correct date.)  She is such a sweetie . . . and sooo smart:)

Bronwyn has turned into her little mommy.  Reid told me a couple days ago if I want Bronwyn to come and she won't, just make Morgan cry and she'll come running!!!  Seriously, that's just about the truth!

Tonight Aimee and I set things up to take some pictures of her.  Aimee actually took the pictures.  Morgan sat there and cheesed most of the time.

You're probably beginning to recognize this shirt as well as I!  I must not have very many cute shirts for Morgan.  I just noticed she wore this in her 9 month pictures as well as the one's I had done when she was about 7 1/2 months:)  Really, these are just the clothes she was wearing today, so I hadn't especially planned for pictures . . . that's my excuse:)

In other news, I went garage saling yesterday and today for the first times this year.  I thought I did fairly well, although Aimee scored the most!  My best purchase this morning was this coat I got for Hunter.  I think it will be the most liked item!  I brought it home and washed it.  When it was all clean, I called Hunter to me and gave it to him.  I told him it was a new "outside" coat.  Later he told one of the girls that he thought he would keep it for an "inside" coat!!!  Literally, I don't think he took it off from the time I gave it to him until I gave him a bath.  When he got all dressed in his PJ's, he found his coat and put it back on!!!

Hope you all have a nice weekend.  I'll be back again Monday to link up with Aimee for Crafter's Weekly.