Monday, September 19, 2011

South Dakota

So awhile back I got back from vacation.  I (along with Reid) went to South Dakota from August 23 - September 3.  It was a very fun trip and I decided to show you a few pictures...or a lot :P  So I hope you all like looking at pictures :)  Be ready for a super long post..

On the plane on the way to Minneapolis.  We flew there...

...where we were met by Nina, Marcus, Cherri, Martha & Stephen, Lizzie, Sari, Angie, Anikka, and Minda.
After leaving the airport we drove through this huge national cemetary.  From almost any direction you looked at the markers they made straight lines.  We drove and drove and drove through there - it's huge!

Then we went to Ikea and ate there (about 2:30 maybe?  We flew into Minneapolis at 1:20 I think). 

Me, Minda, Lizzie, Sari, and Reid at Ikea.

Katelyn (Seppala) Fraki was staying at Cherri's when I got there and stayed till Thursday afternoon.  Some of us girls rode with her to Dennis West's funeral and afterwards.




We went to Walmart with Katelyn and when we went out to leave, Ruthie had just got there.  Angie and I stayed with her and then went to her house.




Friday night we (Cherri's), Walter and Sue, Stewart, and Julia Kaiser went there for Karin's birthday.  Her birthday was really Thursday, but there was church that night.


Walter & Sue's Trey

Karin with her toy phone and doll house in the background, both that she got for her birthday and absolutely loved :)


Karin and Walter & Sue's Jasmine and Isaiah

Karin and Jasmine

The beautiful sunset.

And the sunrise.. Monday morning I woke up early so I could get pictures and it was really nice to watch.

Wednesday me, Abby, Lizzie, Sari, Angie, Anikka, Ariel, Jenny all went to Watertown together.  First Lizzie had a class from 10-12.  Becky was also taking it so we dropped off Lizzie and took Becky's kids and went to a few places till they were done with their class.



Then after eating we hurried to the Sale Barn.

The big ring.

The little ring.

After that we went to the hospital to see Marti and Tara's new baby boy, Briggs.

Sari and Abby holding Briggs

Thursday I went to Nathan and Wanda's.

Molly, Maybel, Brynna, Jude, Elijah



Trina and Molly

 At about 5:30, Klara picked me up and we went out to eat.  Afterwards she brought me back to Cherri's and stayed awhile.

Klara and I

Up early again on Saturday morning and took some more sunrise pictures.

We flew out of the Watertown airport at like 1:15 or some such time.



  1. Cool pictures and looks like you had fun! Don't you like that huge ATY airport?! At least you don't have to get there two hours early:)

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun!!! And I lkied all 42 of your pictures:)

  3. haha.. Watertown airport is kind of a shock coming from Minneapolis, isn't it? Almost makes me want to go back to SD..!

  4. Hey! I don't think I knew you even went there:) I guess Grandma forgets to tell me all the news these days...looks like it was a blast!

  5. Thanks for the pic's! I've never been to SD so was neat to see:)

  6. I was very surprised at how small the Watertown airport was but I liked it :)

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  8. It certainly wouldn't be a waste of time, Abby. It's lots of fun there. Leona

  9. Anonymous, if you don't want to leave your name, please don't bother posting a comment. Thanks!

  10. Rachel, so glad you had fun here even though I left you!:) Kara