Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The week before school started, we received 5 - 6 boxes of apples from Paul and Charity, so we ended up making a whole ton of applesauce - 63 quarts, 12 pints, and some 1/2 pints for Pappa and Grandma.

Love and God's Peace,



  1. Yum! We're are so close to out of applesauce but don't usually make it until later.. :(

  2. That's a lot of applesauce!! I know!! We've never made very much because we don't go through very much . . . but, when the apples were offered, I thought I should take them. And . . . I think we'd use more if we'd just remember - like when we can't think of anything for bedsnack - go have applesauce!! I've usually made it later too, Kaia, but the transparent apples are an early variety.