Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #1 (On Saturday!!)

So over at The Pleated Poppy, there is a WIWW each Wednesday but mine will be a little different.  These are just from the times I remembered to take a picture so . . .

August 9th - Hiking on the logging road

Headband - AJcrazies
Undershirt -?
Shirt - Aeropostale
Jeans -?
Tennies - Target

August 15th

Headband - AJcrazies
Shirt - Old Navy
Shorts - Garage Sale
Flip-Flops - Old Navy

April 17th
Headband: AJcrazies
Tank-top: Old Navy
Sweater: Garage Sale
Shorts: Children's Place
Flip-Flops: Old Navy

August 24th - Babysitting

Headband - AJcrazies
Undershirt -?
Shirt - BKE - Hand-me-down
Shorts - Garage Sale
 Flip-Flops - Aeropostale

August 26th

Headband: AJcrazies
Shirt: Hand me down
Shorts: Fred Meyer

 August 27th

Shirt: Yellowstone Gift Shop
Shorts: Hand me down

Love and God's Peace