Friday, August 12, 2011

Going to get Firewood

The boys have been going up in the hills to get logs for some firewood from where they logged.  One of the days I went with and my Dad had me take the camera to take pictures of what they were doing.

Top to Bottom:  First select the log you want and put a cable around it.
Second, hook the cable to the truck and drive the log out of the pile.
Then cut the logs in 5 foot sections.
Finally, haul them to the truck.

As a side note - while the guys were working, Clayton and I were picking huckleberries - nummy:)  After they had finished working, everyone picked huckleberries and we were able to make a huckleberry milkshake with them when we got home - DELICIOUS:)

Here's the sunset we saw - I couldn't seem to get a good picture of it so decided this would pass.

And, nothing to do with the post but she IS adorable as usual:)  She is starting to sit up in the swing and bouncy chair.  She will be 4 months on Wednesday.

Love and God's Peace,


BTW, yesterday was another fun-filled craft day at my Aunty Marti's house with a few of my older cousins and aunties on the Kulla side.  Fun Times, Fun Times!!


  1. wow, my brother looks like a real logger:) It was a fun craft day wasn't it?

  2. Red huckleberry milkshakes?? or are the blue ones ripe?

  3. The blue ones were really sour - unless they really were blueberries - but in a milkshake they were good. We also went picking today and they were ripe - we were only there for 35 minutes though.

    Karen - the craft day was fun:)