Monday, June 20, 2011

Enjoying the nice weather

The little kids seemed to be bored, so to Hunter, Bronwyn, and Walker, I suggested a short walk.  Of course, they agreed!  As we were walking up the hill right past our house ( Forrest and Clayton had come, too) one of those 2 boys said there was a dead fawn.  I was like, "Whatever," to myself, but then there really WAS one!  Walker was like sooo excited . . . I guess he likes deer . . . and he didn't want to leave.  Well, we did, and when we got home I went to get the camera and got some pictures.  Walker really loves deer.  If you could have seen the look on his face, you would have known what I am talking about.  Also, the fawn was REALLY small.

I liked this picture of it because of the flower:)

Our wild strawberry plants are blooming - Clayton and Forrest picked a couple today!

Intently looking at the fawn.

I found out that taking pictures farther down in the grass when it hasn't been mowed for awhile is really cool.  So I took a few pictures that way . . .

Bronwyn and I

Tara, Bronwyn, Walker, and Hunter

Walker on his way to see the fawn

Hunter blowing dandelion seeds


And Christopher and Bronwyn:)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures . . . I had fun taking them!

Love and God's Peace,



  1. I like the one of Walker from behind! And the one of the 4 of you is cute too.

  2. You are such a good sister to do so many fun things with the littles! I wonder why the fawn died?

  3. Karen - we figured the fawn must have died by being hit by a car but we don't know. and . . . thank you for the compliment:)