Wednesday, June 15, 2011


One Friday night a couple weeks ago we went over to James and Ramona's to see Chet and Brenda one last time before they left. Us girls had a lot of fun taking a bunch of pictures :)

Chauntel, Shayne, Megan

Miriam, Alexa, Tamara

A bunch of the girls... Miriam, Alexa, Kimberly, Tamara, Bethany, Tara, Katherine, Aimee, Marie...In front Megan, Chauntel, Shayne.


Auntie Brenda and Uncle Chet

Me (Rachel) and Katherine

Paul and Charity's Brady

Miriam and Alexa

Tara, Bethany, Katherine, Rachel, Marie

Miriam, Tara, Alexa, Bethany, Tamara

Me and Miriam

Here is all of the girls (all cousins) who were there except for Bronwyn and Morgan. Bronwyn wouldn't come and it was a little cold outside for Morgan :)

Back: Tara, Bethany, Katherine, Aimee, Marie, Rachel, Kimberly
Front:  Tamara, Miriam, Alexa, Chauntel, Shayne, Megan, Mindy
Very Front: Camille

Tara, Beth, Kat, Aimee, Marie, Rachel

Marie and Katherine

I'm glad we got to see them all and I'm sure going to miss them!


  1. Awesome to have so many cousins! Where are Chet and fam going?

  2. Ahh - I miss them soo much! They're moving to South Carolina.

  3. They are closer to us now so maybe we'll get to see them more. Leona

  4. That was sure a fun night! I'll try to get you the rest of the pics sometime!!!Alexa