Friday, January 20, 2012

A Good Book!!

A couple months ago a friend on Facebook told about a book she'd just finished.  It was Before Green Gables, by Budge Wilson.  It is a prequel to Anne of Green Gables.  I thought it sounded interesting, so I promptly went to the FVRL website and placed it on hold for myself.

It's been quite a few years since I read the Anne series, but Anne in this book is just how I remembered her.  This book is so delightful.  If you like Anne at all, I think you will like this book.  So, hurry to your local library and get a copy to read yourself!  I didn't read it out loud, but I almost think it would be a fun one for kids to listen to. 



  1. I'm just finishing it myself. Yes, it's a book worth reading and even though it's by a different author I appreciate how the "same Anne" is portrayed.

  2. That is interesting!!! I will be delighted to get a chance to read that:) Love Anne of GG!!