Sunday, November 6, 2011

Urban Couture - Raw Edge Circle Quilt

It was pretty exciting to finish a quilt I've had in the making for several months.  It mostly just sat for the whole summer.  I think I started it before Morgan was born, but it was for Faith and her birthday's on October 31st, so I just planned for that to be my finish time.

I first bought fabric to make a baby boy quilt earlier this year, not knowing the sex of my baby-to-be.  I chose blues, greens and browns from the Basic Grey Urban Couture line of fabric.  You can see that quilt here.  (It's the last of the 3 quilts in that post.)  I bought way too much fabric for that quilt so I had a bunch left.  I decided to go back to Country Manor Fabrics and buy some of the reds and yellows from that line of fabric to make another quilt.  She has soooo much fabric!!  She usually buys the whole line of fabric, not just a few different bolts.  This shop is where I usually shop if I'm shopping locally.

I'd seen and printed off a tutorial for a raw edge circle quilt, and this fabric seemed a good fit for it.  This is the first regular quilted quilt I've made with part of it being raw edged.  I got my idea from here and she had the link to this tutorial here.

Here are my photos:)  I was kinda nervous whether Faith would like this because I don't know her taste at all.  I decided to go with the red border - it looked kinda beachy or tropical to me.  (She did like it!!)

Here is a close-up of the quilt and quilting.  (You can see the fabrics a lot better, too!)   I've mostly only done the meandering quilting, but I thought my circles needed something else.  As you can tell, it was my first time and not too great!  Overall, I like how it turned out anyway.

This is the back of the quilt.  When I went back for the third time to find backing and binding, I found this large print that I hadn't seen before and decided to go with it.

Here is the quilt label.  My quilt group puts Bible verses on their labels, and I've copied them and done that on all of mine.  I got David to choose a verse this time.  Normally I sew the label into the backing, but I'd forgotten to have it ready in time and so I just topstitched it in place.

Here is a close-up after the quilt was washed.  You can see it's a little more raggedy around the edges of the circle.

And last, but not least, here's Faith with her quilt.  I hope you enjoy it:) 

I wish there was more time to make quilts!!!  This was a lot of fun:)

P.S.  I'm not done with this line of fabric yet!  I have a bunch more left and want to make another quilt!!!


  1. I love it and it kept me nice and warm on my flight home from WA ! Thanks Again Elva !

  2. Beautiful quilt! I'm finding out how much time they take:) but worth it when it's done.

  3. Wow.. I can't even imagine how much time those must take! Very cool!