Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Post Bazaar Sale

Well, we made money at our bazaar last Saturday, but we still have so many things left that we'd love to sell.  I have a lot of my things listed on my Etsy site -  Aimee also has a start of her's listed at

Some of our things are just too heavy for someone to want to pay for shipping on them.  I'm going to show a bunch of pictures here for anyone local interested in buying these items.

First, I have some 1" binders with sheet protectors.  These work great for all those recipes you print off the computer.  I use mine all the time.  Here are a couple collages of the 4 I have - fronts and then sides and backs.  These binders are $7.00 each.

Aimee has a couple Christmas Countdown Block Sets left.  They are $9.25 each.

These following items can be mailed and wouldn't be too expensive, I don't think, but they're not worth putting them on Etsy.  Any money we earned would be used up in the fees we'd have to pay!

Aimee also has a few bookmarks.  A perfect gift for the reader in your home! They're $1.50 each. (Click the picture to view it larger.)

Next she has a bunch of Felt Flower Hair Clips. There's lots of colors.  If you want some, you can email and we'll email you the pictures of the color you want, as most have different types of buttons in the center.  These are on french hair clips.  They're $1.75 each.

There are a few headbands left.

This first one is an Adult Reversible Headband.  It has brown with white polka dots on one side, and a plain dark green fabric on the other.  In the back at the bottom, it has a white strip of elastic.  This is $4.25.

The second is a Red 3-Flower Headband.  It costs $4.50.

Then, lastly, Aimee has some baby and Christmas cards. They're $2.00 each.

 This baby card is the full picture of it from the first collage on the bottom right.

Email us if you'd like to buy an item.  Thanks so much!

Elva & Aimee


  1. What great crafts Elva! You and your family are so talented!

  2. Love it, Elva! I just pointed my wife to this. :-) And thanks for the FB notification, Tanya.