Thursday, December 2, 2010

Country Fair Bazaar

This Saturday, December 4th, we will be having a couple tables at the Country Fair Bazaar at Amboy Middle School.  It will be open from 9:00 to 4:00.  Last year they had about 80 tables, throughout the gym, halls and cafeteria.  There were a lot of neat things there.  I really liked the bazaar and decided to host a table (or 2!) there this year.  The girls and I have made a lot of things in the last couple months.  We are finally winding down.  I finished my last craft today . . . just a little more pricing and then baking on Friday!!

Come to our table and you can buy homemade suckers, delicious butterhorns, bread, flower pens, notebooks (scrapbooked and fabric w/ruffle), Christmas countdown blocks, cards, crayon rolls, recipe binders, decorated clipboards, crayon cupcakes, fabric checkbook/planner covers, Bible-verse frames, flower hair accessories, bags, bookmarks, crocheted dish cloths, a crocheted baby blanket (possibly a few other crocheted things as well), aprons (for adults and children) and baby quilts.  That is basically all that we are making - I might have missed a few things:)  The crocheted items are made by Darla (Tervo) but the rest of the stuff is made by any of us ladies here.  Christopher and Clint are also selling kindling by the bundle.

This is a portion of the things that are going to be at the bazaar.  There is at least one of everything except for crayon rolls, kindling and bakery/goodies. 

To see this one bigger, click on it and zoom it in.  You should be able to see the writing then:)

These are the Christmas Countdown Blocks that Aimee made.  You can have up to 32 days 'til Christmas. 

A close up of one.

Hope to see you there:)  Thanks for looking.

Love, the Kulla girls


  1. Very cool stuff!! The countdown blocks are neat!!

  2. I'd love to come to the bazaar! Maybe you'll have to ship me some stuff:)

  3. Thanks, Teresa and Clarissa. Sure, Nadine - What do you want?!?